Dr. Pawan Pingle (Founder@NVH Consultancy) is a Vibration Technology consultant and independent educator based out of India. He received PhD from University of Massachusetts (USA) in the year 2010. In last decade he has provided his consultancy services to several multi-national companies residing in Boston, US. He consults to several mechanical industries including Siemens, Pratt & Whitney (USA), Bosch, DRDO, and several automotive and aerospace industries. He is also a popular trainer, speaker and consultant in India and other parts of the world. He is associated with several universities, as PhD guide. He is an Adjunct Professor in the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, USA. He is the author of two books, and several scholarly and journalistic articles. He specializes in product design and development with special focus on software solutions in the area of Noise & Vibration Engineering. His purpose of providing consultancy services is to develop a quality products at cheaper and affordable prices.

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