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Case Studies

Case Study 1: Two-Wheeler Gear Noise Test


  • Identify noise in two wheeler using NVH analysis
  • Spectral map used to identify range of resonances excited during vehicle operation
  • Tests conducted using DAQ system, sensors (accelerometers/ velocity pick ups)
  • System employed in a production set-up to detect defective and ok vehicles in seconds

Case Study 2: Greaves Diesel Engine Test


  • Engine order analysis
  • Complete engine vibration ‘g’ level testing using ISO standards
  • Engine noise reduction using various NVH strategies

Case Study 3: Hindustan Composites Pvt. Ltd


  • Portable machine for brake noise testing
  • Noise and vibration data collection according to SAE J2521 norms
  • Dynamometer employed high speed brake liner operational noise & vibration tests
  • Development of triggering system using proximity sensor for data collection

Case Study 4: Hodek Industries Pvt. Ltd


  • Portable machine for torsional noise & vibration system
  • Integrating with decades old Torsio rig available at the client site
  • Noise, vibration and damping data collected real time
  • Module developed in NI using Labview and employed on production quality check at the client site as well as research & development purpose for clients

Case Study 5: NRB Bearings


  • Identification of fault in bearing roller
  • Developed system to integrate with existing noise testing machine
  • Improvement in the existing set up with new GA based algorithm to record relevant noise
  • Set-up used in Mexico at client site

Case Study 6: Pratt & Whitney USA


  • Use Laser doppler vibrometer to obtain high frequency measurements from newly designed super aero engine turbine blades
  • Develop non contact excitation technique to test blades
  • Utilize various validation techniques such as PZT based sensors, LDV, Sonic tests
  • Patented technology

Case Study 7: Bosch USA


  • Noise testing of Bosch fans in BMW cars, USA
  • Peculiar noise at certain frequency was removed by designing a much improved fan
  • Dynamic models were established to guide the new design process
  • Noise absorbers designed to tune the unwanted noise

Case Study 8: Volvo, Europe


  • Collect shaker as well as impact test data on Volvo exhaust
  • Tests conducted to avoid certain frequency bands
  • Correlation factors used and developed in the process

Case Study 8: 64 channel near field acoustic holography technique


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